Important Information

Our school is a NUT FREE zone due to students suffering from severe nut allergies!!!

Nut Free Zone


During admission and dismissal:

  • Parents are to stay behind the gates at all times.
  • No one is to speak to members of staff while students enter or exit the school premises.
  • When it is raining, please make sure to follow instructions to avoid confusion.
  • For every school outing, parents will be asked to sign a consent form and return this to the school. Students will not be allowed to go for the outing unless the consent form is signed.

When and how to address members of staff or the administration:

  • The school organises meetings with parents and class teacher in September/October. During this meeting parents will have the opportunity to meet the class teacher for the first time.
  • Parents’Afternoon will be held in November for all parents from Kinder to Year 6.
  • A Parents’ Day for Kinder to Year 6 students will be held in the second term
  • Parents may speak to the administration or class teacher during the year, by fixing an appointment.

Other notes:

  • The school is an educational institution. Please make sure to be decently dressed.
  • Be considerate when bringing forward complaints. Let us respect each other.
  • No smoking is allowed on the school premises.
  • Make sure that students are brought to school on time.
  • Make sure that the uniform is kept clean and smart.
  • Read, and sign, any notes sent by the school.
  • No adult can speak to, or tell off, students. Any problems are to be referred to the administration.
  • Inform the school when students are sick or not attending school.
  • A medical certificate, together with the medical record card, must be sent to school when students are absent for 3 or more days in a month. A medical certificate is needed when a student is absent for the third day of absence in a month when absence is not consecutive.
  • No homework will be given when students are sick.
  • Do not send students to school if they are sick for their own good and that of others.