Healthy Living Policy


  • To promote consumption of a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.
  • To minimise the problem of obesity among children.
  • To make children aware of hygiene skills.


  • Are expected to participate in all healthy lifestyle related activities.
  • Are to take an active role in reinforcing healthy eating habits.
  • Are prohibited from bringing any drink to school except water
  • Are to bring water in transparent bottles.
  • Are highly encouraged to opt for the fruit and vegetable scheme;
  • Are not allowed to bring sweets, packets, sponges or cereals bars at school or during outings.
  • No birthday cakes are allowed – we are a NUT FREE school!
  • Are to bring lunches in clean lunchboxes.
  • Are to get napkins, tissues and wipes.


  • Are to support the school policy about healthy eating;
  • Should become aware of the right food they are expected to give to their children, namely: bread, plain or fruit yoghurts, fruit, vegetables and salads. (Hot dogs and chicken nuggets are not allowed).
  • Should be role models of healthy lifestyles e.g. by encouraging their children to take part in sports activities, refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol and prepare healthy menus.


  • Have to be role models of a Healthy Lifestyle.
  • Will give high priority to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle on their school agenda.
  • Are to ensure that clear and consistent messages about food, drink and healthy eating are being delivered across the school day so as to reinforce the healthy lifestyle message.
  • Must promote the consumption of fruit, vegetables and water.
  • Must ensure a sufficient amount of physical activity to complement this programme.