Homework Policy


  • For students to reinforce what has been learnt at school.
  • For students to be responsible of their own work.
  • For parents to be aware of what is being done at school and to help students to further develop their learning.
  1. Homework must be done diligently by the students
  2. Instructions given by teachers are to be carefully followed;
  3. Homework must be done with great care and neatly. A teacher may request students to redo their homework if work presented is untidy and careless.
  4. Homework must return to school on time. If, for a valid reason, homework is not on time, students are to provide a covering note from their parents. In the absence of a covering note, late homework will not be accepted.
  5. If homework is not done, students may be asked to do their work at school, even during break time, when this is possible.
  6. If students forget their homework for 3 times, a note will be sent to parents.
  7. If students repeatedly forget to do their homework, or fail to bring their homework on time, the school may take disciplinary actions to help students learn to become more responsible.
  8. In extreme cases, the head of school may call for a meeting with parents since it is their duty to make sure that homework is done and brought back to school on time.
  9. Homework of students who are sick will not be collected. Any notes or handouts will be kept at school and given to students once they resume attending school. This rule does not apply in exceptional cases e.g. if a student broke a limb and will be absent from school on a long term basis.
  10. Homework, apart from writing, includes reading, research, studying, projects, observations, drawing, looking up for pictures or any other work given by the teacher. Any homework given must be done as requested.
  11. Teachers may opt to use a “no homework day”policy. This does not mean that students do not do any homework on that day, but instead of doing written tasks, students will be asked to do study work.


Education does not begin, nor does it end at school. For this reason any support given by parents during homework can be very beneficial to the students as long as the homework is done by the students themselves, and not by their parents. When assisting students, parents and guardians must make sure to use the methods and instructions being used at school (especially for Maths).