Dinja Waħda – A promise

Yr 2.1 students at work on a Dinja Waħda project. This project aims to teach students about respecting the environment and all creatures within.

During this activity students learned about the hedgehog, which is becoming a rare site in our countryside.

The students have pledged to raise awareness about this beautiful creature!

Carnival with a difference 2021

Special Assembly organised by Yr 3.2

Even though carnival activities have been disrupted due to the pandemic, our educators still found creative ways to enjoy this day!

A special assembly was organised by Ms Christine Scerri and Ms Marica Dalli of Yr 3.2. it was a pleasure to have students who are bound to stay at home still included in this assembly.

All the school enjoyed the interesting presentation and singing to the carnival hymn. What a colourful and fantastic morning this was.

Erasmus+ Literacy and Numeracy Through Coding and Robotics

Virtual tour of the Slovenia Primary School and introduction

Our school joined forces with its Eramus+ partners from Italy, Portugal and Slovenia for the second day of the virtual mobility. This mobility is being hosted by Slovenia.

Notwithstanding all the challenges being faced by the pandemic the virtual mobility took place. Both Italy and Portugal are currently on lockdown, but activities are still be held by the partner countries.

Year 4 students participating in a multiplication lesson prepared by Slovenia

Even one of the teachers from Slovenia was on quarantine, but technology helped to make this virtual mobility a success.

Activity 1 being held in Slovenia

We would like to thank Slovenia for the stamina and creativity shown in ensuring the success of the second day. Our students enjoyed all the sessions held to date and look forward for the upcoming third day of the virtual mobility!

Safer Internet Day

A powerpoint and some bookmarks helped the children understand how to keep themselves safe when using the internet.

The children enjoyed doing the puzzle about Internet Safety.

Submitted by Ms Alison Micallef and Ms Raisa Bugeja, Yr 3.3

Cyber Safety – Internet Safer Day!

Yr 2.3 Ms Josette Gauci

Ms Christine Vassallo, nurture class teacher, prepared a number of sessions for Yr 1 to Yr 6 students to make the pupils aware of the dangers they might encounter when surfing the internet.

Year 3.3 – Ms Alison Micallef

Activities were adapted according to the age group.

Yr 4.2 Ms Sarah Agius

1. Ice-breaker: Guess the logo / Move like anything / Freeze and Dance

Yr 4.2 Ms Sarah Agius

2. Power point presentation (years 1 – 3): Buddy the Dog’s Internet Safety Story (The children listen to a story and learn a chant related to cyber safety. The presentation also includes various video clips and a quiz.)

Year 4.2 Ms Sarah Agius

To play the quiz, pupils stand up. If the answer is ‘yes’ they have to put both their hands up, if the answer is ‘no’ they have to squat.

Yr 5.1 Mr Michel Spiteri

3. Power point presentation (years 4 – 5): All About Digital Citizenship (Discussions, various video clips and a quiz is included in the presentation)

Yr 5.1 Mr Michel Spiteri

Discussions about important internet safety rules: Ms. Christine Vassallo Rabat Primary Nurture Group

Yr 5.1 Mr Michel Spiteri

Video clips regarding the following topics were shared with students:

Digital footprint explained.

Why should we limit screen time?


Yr 5.2 Ms Noemi Agius

Durng a quiz children had to jot down their answer on their mini whiteboards by writing the letter.

Yr 6.1 Ms Cynthia Attard

These sessions helped to raise awareness among students about internet safety, while learning through play.

Yr 6.1 Ms Cynthia Attard

The school would like to thank Ms Christine Vassallo for her hard work and for supporting the school in a safe manner while reaching out to all students.

Yr 6.2 Mr Luke Micallef